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Drivers Responsible For Passengers

This responsibility is not only to drive with due care and attention, but also to take reasonable steps to prevent foreseeable injuries. The shuttle driver is saddled with the responsibility of conveying people from one point to another and back to that point. The job could be lonesome as it involves repeating same duty hour after hour and day after day, but interesting conversation from friendly passengers makes some days different. In discharging his duties, the driver is expected to greet customers, help them enter the bus or vehicle, and assist them in loading their luggage.

, Drivers Responsible For Passengers

If you are driving and another car causes an accident that injures your passenger, that passenger can sue the other driver. However, if you were negligent and contributed to the accident, the passenger has the option of suing you, the other driver or both of you. One exception is when a family member is injured as a result of a driver’s negligence. Some insurance policies limit the ability of family members to sue each other.

In fact, as a passenger we have an important role to keep the driver of the vehicle focused, not distracted. So, next time you are a passenger in a car, whether it is with your parents or friends, think about how you can do your part to reduce the chances of becoming involved in an accident.

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