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Luggage Capacity Is Important Thing To Remember

It’s important to remember how much luggage your party will have with you. Take this into consideration and ask an Oahu shuttle if they can accommodate you. If you are traveling with a pet, be sure to notify the shuttle service as well.Although carry-on travel is a significant benefit of travelling with one bag, not everyone chooses to exercise this option. Further, the rules for carry-on baggage vary (especially on smaller aircraft and in out-of-the-way places), and you are at the mercy of capricious transit personnel in any case. So there may well be situations where you choose — or are obliged — to check your bag.

, Luggage Capacity Is Important Thing To Remember

Once your bag disappears from view, it is highly likely to be subject to some very rough handling (think “football”, only with your belongings). Prepare in advance for this, by ensuring that anything breakable — or leakage-prone, such as liquids and gels — is packed as securely as possible. This means well padded, and located in the very centre of the bag; items packed close to the sides or edges of luggage are quite commonly damaged in transit.

It’s always a good idea to confirm your shuttle pick-up times. This way you can also discuss any flight delays or possible traffic jams. Sunshine Shuttle Hawaii makes a point to confirm flight times with your airline and does their best to accommodate flight delays.

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  1. Jessie Jack

    The shuttle is great, drivers wonderful, just wish booking was easier. I need a ride to a residence, and always have to call to make the arrangements.. Also, apparently cannot book online at all this time

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